Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 88 of 365

Totally dumb picture of me yelling at myself on the computer...haha.  Could have executed it a little better - but I was kind of sick and had a weeks long backlog of images to upload

day 88

Day 87 of 365

Another bottle day!  This time we bottled up some scottish ale! Should be tasty :)

day 87

Day 86 of 365

Driving around gather more beer supplies - just a lonely fire hydrant...

day 86

Day 85 of 365

It was a crazy day...Snowing like mad in the morning, 50 and sunny at quitting time...This is the same shot before work, and 8 hours later after work...

day 85

Day 84 of 365

Side of one of the buildings I work near/at...Just had some cool lines!

day 84

Day 83 of 365

I highly recommend clicking on this picture to see it in full detail - absolutely beautiful...One of "R"s favs!

day 83

Day 82 of 365

One might think this was taken at night...nay nay! First thing in the morning - part of the shine is from a light post illuminating the tree

day 82

Day 81 of 365

Rainy day - not a whole lot of fun outside - but I took this on the back of my car's taillight..kinda cool

day 81

Day 80 of 365

Cleanup from bachelor party...

day 80

Day 79 of 365

Day 2 of bachelor party..drinking apparatus ..lol

day 79

Day 78 of 365

Bachelor party weekend - view from the hotel...no more information necessary!

day 78

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 77 of 365

I have this problem of "blaming" good shots I take on luck.  "R" hates it that I say this.  However, this time, it is honestly the truth.  Driving in to work and was trying to mess with one of the settings and hit the shutter - didn't realize it was open for like 3 seconds....this was my painting result from an accidental picture...haha

day 77

Day 76 of 365

It's an upside down picture....or just a really calm, glass-like pond...haha

day 76

Day 75 of 365

Got a little lazy I think...I brought the camera into the garage and started hitting the lock/unlock on both our cars to see what would happen.  I like where I was going with it - but I need to throw on a different lens and get a wider perspective...

So - it's try #1, I'll try again in a few days or so

day 75

Day 74 of 365

Another amazing sunrise...It seems like I might have a lot of these - but since it's been so gray for the past 3 months, it's time for some pretty colors...

day 74

Day 73 of 365

Yes, I am a good fiancee - I gave "R" a budget and told her she gets all day to shop....So we drove  around town for like 6 hours...haha - it wasn't THAT bad, but I'd rather not make it a usual thing.  Anyway, sitting around waiting for her to try something on - I snapped this, some lamp hanging from the ceiling

day 73

Day 72 of 365

It is official - "R" and I have moved up the ladder from novice, to slightly more advanced novices in the homebrew arena...haha - we have 2 beers fermenting at the same time!

day 72

Day 71 of 365

I tried to modify this picture a little bit so the fog was more visible...It was really a crazy sight!

day 71 pt 1

Anyway - tried again, from a slightly different angle, and got that really crazy lens flare!

day 71 pt 2

Day 70 of 365

Again - long time no post...Weather is getting and staying pretty, so it's been difficult to spend all day at work then come home and get on the computer, tough for an IT nerd, right? HAHA.  Anyway - that doesn't mean I haven't been taking pictures...

day 70 pt1

Alternatively - I had some fun, while making fun of myself!

day 70 pt2

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 69 of 365

Decided to play with long exposure again - this time I rev'ed up my car and decided to see what would come of it...A little blurry - but hard to get a tripod in there...Another one to try again for sure!

Day 69

Day 68 of 365

Another day with beautiful sun...Taken on the way into work, with the sun just peaking - pretty

Day 68

Day 67 of 365

I would LOVE to see if anybody could guess what this one is!! Haha, I don't have enough followers to guess - so I'll have to share up the info...I got my car washed this morning.  In doing so - the sun was glaring inside the "car-washing-machine".  When the light hit the front windshield with the water spraying all kinds of crazy, I came up with this:

Day 67

Day 66 of 365

I was kind of disappointed with what I took today - so I kind of had to settle...I think this is about the third day all year I settled - I guess were all prone to bad days and allowed a few "gimmies", right? haha

Day 66

Day 65 of 365

This day gets a double up...In part because I have been taking pictures, just not uploading - so, for your viewing pleasure - here is "R".  We were sitting outside taking in the sun rays and letting our skin thank us...

Day 65

While we were sitting on the front porch, I also took this - again, shadows looking too cool!

Day 65 pt 2

Day 64 of 365

I do apologize for being a little MIA.  Life has gotten slightly busy - nothing crazy to report, just the usual busy..

Anyway - this photo was done against the stairs, believe it or not.  The sun was coming in, creating cool shadows - so I took advantage...

Day 64

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 63 of 365

Tidbit of the day - actually, I take that back, I have 2 tidbits...

1) In the entire month of February - we had 1....1 sunny day
2) This city has MORE gray days than freaking London...More gray days the epitome of gray day cities..

Anyway - today, broke trend of continually gray days, and it was sunny and bright the entire day - so nice and warm...Still snow everywhere - and slowly melting, but at least it wasn't gray today!

day 63

Day 62 of 365

I got a little abstract here - not entirely on purpose, just forgot I had the camera set to manual focus.  When I brought the picture up - it looked MUCH cooler than the one in focus - haha, decided to go with this one!

day 62

Day 61 of 365

Gross day - wet, cold, gray...There was this cone out in the middle of the street - the only color for miles it seemed...

day 61

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 60 of 365

My little patch of GREEN!!!  The snow is on it's way to leaving - and it couldn't come sooner!

Day 60

Day 59 of 365

I took pictures of one of "R"s work friends.  They just had another new baby boy and so I took the opportunity to get some portfolio work, as well as provide some *hopefully* good family pictures!

Anyway - here is one of the favorites


Day 58 of 365

I know most people won't care - but we found a beer called Pangaea by DogFish Head Brewery - The beer itself was pretty good - but concept behind it is MUCH cooler - you can find it  here

Anyway - here is my tribute!

Day 58