Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 109 of 365

The day before edition....let the party start!!

Day 109

Day 108 of 365

This one goes out to my Industrial Design boy, and (who I call Marzipan), "R"s Graphic Design girl!!

They got us these badass beer mugs as a wedding shower gift - and further allowed us "beer snobs" to drink in style!  Since I also know they read this regularly - here's to you Mr and Mrs E!!

Day 108

Day 107 of 365

Busy busy...getting ready for wedding stuff, running all kinds of errands, not a whole lot of time...Anyway, "R"s jacket was sitting on the couch so I was trying to get a funny pattern w/ the zipper..Kind of a boring shot

Day 107

Day 106 of 365

This proved to be an interesting photo...Here is what I did.  I aimed it at closed blinds that had the sun shining right in/through them, so the slits between the blinds were really bright, but generally, it was a dark scene.  Anyway, hit the shutter and threw my camera in a clockwise direction - what you see here is the result of the camera spinning and picking up the lines from the blinds!

Day 106

Day 105 of 365

Weird foggy day with the sun shining through - tried to get a purposeful lens flare - and when it didn't happen I decided not to put a fake one in photoshop or something, haha - oh well

Day 105

Day 104 of 365

This picture definitely looks better in the larger size, but really, it's just a weed growing in the middle of field.  The colors were cool and they were everywhere...

Day 104

There are these trees, also near these yellow weeds that have these nasty spikes on them.  I only recently saw little flower type things growing on them - but they are really interesting I think:

Day 104 pt2

Day 104 pt3

Day 103 of 365

New for me is this color and this tree!  I've seen these purple trees popping up here and there in spring, and so finally I went looking for one.  Not that they are specifically hard to find, but the ones I see always seem to be in difficult places to get to, like 2 miles from an intersection of parking lot...There was this one near work - but it wasn't close

Day 103

Day 102 of 365

I have one of these types of pictures framed in my living room - but this time of year again, it's just too hard to not get these pretty white flowers!  Maybe next year I'll vow to skip flowers, sunrises and sunsets! haha


Day 102

Day 101

This picture deserves some back story, but it isn't nice to the person it's about -haha.  So instead, just go with it!

Day 101

Day 100 of 365

BOOM! Made it 100 days!!  Anyway, this was one of the gifts we got for our wedding shower - Tiffany's Beer Mugs!!! How Awesome!  My Aunt got me this, and so instead of toasting with champagne glasses, were doing it this way! What a treat!  The significance of this is complex, but it's too cool!

Day 100

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 99 of 365

I SO wish I was part of this conference.  It was an OSU Engineering School display of their hydrogen fuel cell car.  Obviously not street legal - but they made a point to go REALLY fast! haha - it looked really cool.  Anyway, as I was taking pictures for fun - some PR lady walked up, gave me her business card and asked me to email the photos to her! haha

day 99

day 99pt2

day 99pt3

day 99pt4

Day 98 of 365

Well, "R" took my camera from me today - she had to work with it.  So when I got home from work, I was NOT feeling it.  Anyway - here was my halfassed shot of the day...

day 98

Day 97 of 365

I keep getting lucky with sunrises...Unfortunately "R" told me it's all starting to look the same.  SOOO, I can't say I'll never upload another sunrise - but it's in the back of my mind.  Either way - another pretty sunrise :)

day 97

Day 96 of 365

Just kind of walking around.  There is always this swan in this lake - it's probably more of a pond - and it's definitely man made...anyway, I call it swan lake - and today, I finally got a good one of him...

day 96

Then later on, the bricks were making a cool pattern:

day 96pt2

Day 95 of 365

Just some annoying goose laying there.  I wasn't sure how close he was going to let me get before he freaked out on I didn't take my chances!

Day 94 of 365

In the mail came our wort chiller! Haha, this device is used to cool our boiling wort (beer before yeast is added), down to about 70F.  The purpose behind this is so that no infection gets in the wort, and also to aerate the wort properly.  Anyway - what "R" and I were usually doing was dropping our pot inside a bath of ice water.  That works, for the most part, but it takes a long time.  During that time, our beer looses some of its aroma and flavor.  This bad boy speeds that process up!

"R" wanted to name him - whatever!

day 94

day 94pt

Day 93 of 365

I'm simply going to defer to a web gallery slideshow I made for "R"....


Day 92 of 365

Another building near where I work.  It has these HUGE windows that face the sunrise - too easy!

day 92

day 92pt2

While I was walking back to my building - I stumbled upon these flowers..

day 92pt3

Day 91 of 365

Near where I work, there is this creek and a very small park.  I drive past it every morning, and every morning I think to myself - what is back there, and I wonder if it is at all pretty.  Well - you be the judge, but I think these are pretty neat!

day 91

day 91 pt2

day 91 pt3

day 91pt4

Day 90 of 365

These flowers were growing, seemingly, wild, out in the middle of this field.  I was out there when the sun started to rise and took these - pretty, huh?

day 90

Day 89 of 365

Had a VERY early work meeting...and, naturally, I got there even too early.  So, sitting in my car I noticed the fog started to get intense...Took this picture

day 89