Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 127 of 365

Crazy mess of wires at work - where we have like 10 computers all setup on 1 desk...

Day 127

Day 126 of 365

Some sign - made for interesting colors I think, maybe not - haha

Day 126

Day 125 of 365

More flowers---I know, gottta branch out!

Day 125

Sunrise and glistening grass...
Day 125 pt 2

Caution tape caught in a tree
Day 125 pt 3

Created a heart shaped shadow from my wedding band in the Spanish book we were given (I can't read most of it - sorry Mom, I know I took 4 years of Spanish, haha) that explains marriage responsibilities and stuff...
Day 125 pt 4

Day 124 of 365

Back to the grind (vacation went by too fast)...little lady bug chilling in a tree

Day 124

Day 124 pt 2

Day 123 of 365

We came home and everything was just so green - it was crazy!

Day 123

Day 122 of 365

Just a Bently driving around town..haha

day 122

Day 121 of 365

Sitting in the hotel lobby just waiting to get picked up to go to the airport...

Day 121

Day 120 of 365

Last night too soon, haha!

Day 120

View from out front..
Day 120 pt2

Day 120 pt3

Day 120 pt4

Day 119 of 365

In the elevator goofing off, haha...

Day 119

Went to the asian restaurant - got the drink special of the day and a glass of wine..colors were pretty

Day 119 pt2

Yes, I did try sushi..

Day 119 pt2

Day 119 pt2

Day 119 pt2

Day 119 pt2

Now this was a very interesting experiment that I tried. I left the shutter open for like 20 seconds or something to get the background lights exposed properly - then used my flash's pilot light (just a really intense quick burst flash) and bounced the light off the floor to very quickly super expose "R"...a few trial and errors but I figured it out...

Day 119 pt2

Day 119 pt2

Day 118 of 365

Little toes...

Day 118

and a panoramic from our room view...

day 118 pt pano

Day 117 of 365

A view from the pool area of the hotel...

Day 117

Day 117pt2

Day 117pt3

Day 117pt4

Day 116 of 365

We got a lot of sun the day before - haha, so we called it quits early - but we are just sitting in the lobby bar - that drink, was coffee and amaretto, amazing!

Day 116

Look at the concentration in those eyes...haha, she still missed the shot

Day 116 pt2

Got all cleaned up before dinner and I started experimenting again with the tripod and remote shutter..

Day 116 pt3

Day 116 pt4

Day 116 pt5

Day 116 pt6

Day 116 pt7

(not really photo of the day if I upload 12, huh? haha)
Day 116 pt8

Day 116 pt9

Day 116 pt10

Day 116 pt11

Day 115 of 365

Lots of pretty things, some good pictures of "R" and myself...I'll just show em'

Day 115

Day 115 pt2

Two of us - remote shutter used and tripod - haha, had a lot of these (and a lot of mess ups trying it this way!)

Day 115 pt3

Day 115 pt4

Day 115 pt5

Day 115 pt6

I absolutely LOVE this was good - "R" is getting some color (from the sun) it!

Day 115 pt7

Day 114 of 365

Guess who got married!!!  Congrats to us :)


Day 113 of 365

Just a little panoramic of the room

Day 113

Day 112 of 365

Had some local vendors show up to the resort selling some things - "R" got a new poncho!

Day 112

Day 112 pt2

Then we went to one of the shows - this was the only one we went to, haha - not really my or "R"s cup of was interesting, and colorful though..

Day 112 pt3

Day 112pt4