Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Been Too Long

And I apologize, life has been crazy - still hasn't calmed down, yet - but soon, hopefully.  Looking like maybe February, but I doubt it, haha.

Anyway - a lot has happened since, I guess May when I last posted, married, moved to a different state, got a new job, tax season is going to be interesting this year...

Ah well - some new things I've worked on - only sparingly, and not some of my best work, but I needed a new outlet and something new to update.  So here goes...


I bought my hard working, very deserving wife some red soled shoes, to those in the know, I know - to those who don't know, google - either way, she was stunned and could not believe it!


We also got her a DVF dress - thing looks downright amazing on her, and the colors/design is spot on!

And lastly for this post is from thanksgiving.  Top Chef contestant and wife to Mr.Army invited us down to their place and she made the turkey with the wife making the stuffing.  The picture does not do the food justice - it was superb!


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