Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 2

As with (failed)project 365, I'll probably take more than 1 picture a week/day, and probably like more than 1.  This week is no exception, a pretty sunset in our apartment complex - and yes, those are real palm trees, and even cooler looking shadows along a parking structure.

week 2

week 2

Week 1

If this type of picture looks similar to another one I did last year - you're not going crazy.  It is quite the same to the apple picture - although, different state, different grocery store, different fruit from the produce section.

I swear, someday I'll get some new creativity!

week 1

New Project -- Project 53

Hi Everyone!

Not sure I have much of an audience anymore, but nevertheless, here goes.  I've started a new project - quite similar to the last, except, hopefully, this time I can finish it!

It is a project 53 (I guess more technically project 52, but whatever).  The goal of this one is quite similar to the other one, except 1 picture a week, instead of every day.  The goal is the same, except this time, I'm using something I found from the interwebs as a "theme" for each week.  I only found it this week, so the 1st two don't/won't count.  Wish me luck!