Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chez Erickson Holiday Weekend Menu

A la Chez Erickson for this nice, long weekend at home:

Thursday - Thanksgiving Day - MENU:

A delicious breakfast of Noosa Yogurt and Granola will be available, a la carte. Served with a side of V-8 Fusion Juice and Vitamins. Coffee refills are free.

For lunch, a variety of deli cheeses and meats will be available for personalized sandwiches. We will have honey roasted turkey slices, chicken breast slices, amish swiss cheese and hand-marbled colby jack cheese. If desired, we can also provide kraft singles. All served on wheat bread or a wheat bun, accompanied by mustard, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and assorted vegetables. Kettle chips, pretzels or whole wheat gold fish available on the side. Liven up your lunch with a choice of micro-brewed beers.

Our Thanksgiving feast will consist of baked turkey breast and a cornish hen, stuffed with our world-famous dressing. On the side, we will have macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls. And for dessert, a Pumpkin Supreme pie will be warmed and sliced. Pie available with or without ice cream. Accompany your meal with a glass of fresh Pinot Grigio or a delicious IPA.

Friday - "Black Friday" - MENU:

Service for Breakfast and Lunch will be the same as the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. Thanksgiving feast left-overs will also be available throughout the day, at any time desired.

After a day of avoiding crowds but running some necessary errands, a Dinner of Shredded BBQ Beef will be served, straight from the crock-pot. Plenty of meat will be available, as these left-overs are meant for freezing and storing for the future. If desired, waffle french fries are available as a side dish. Pair the hearty meal with an Oatmeal Stout to complete your plate.

Pumpkin Supreme Pie with ice cream, or Ice Cream Candy bars are available for dessert.

Saturday - Game Day!! - MENU:


CLIF bars and Honey Stinger Waffles will be the center of the Breakfast meal, making the long, daily workouts easier to accomplish.

Upon arrival back at Chez Erickson, a full portion of Skyline Dip will be served during the football games. Accompanied by whole wheat scoops and delicious beer selections. This meal will be sure to fill you up!

If lunch did not quench your daily hunger, we will have a la carte freezer foods available at any time during the evening. Popcorn chicken bites, chicken taquitos, chicken rice balls, potato skin poppers and/or the renowned sturkey rolls can be whipped up! Please give 30 minutes notice for any of these dishes, as they will take time and preparation to cook.

Sunday - Rest Day - MENU:

As we try to get back into a routine for the upcoming week, we will return to a more subdued menu for Sunday. Breakfast is served similarly to Saturday's menu, as daily workouts will be in order again.

For lunch, the chef will be cooking up servings of a new recipe: buffalo chicken soup. This warming lunch can be cooked up on the stove in an hour's time, using the delicious cornish hen left-overs from Thursday's feast. Oyster crackers come on top of the soup to help make the simple recipe fill you up after a hard day on the bike.

By time dinner on Sunday comes around, we will be happy to serve the Thanksgiving feast left-overs, sandwich style. If this is not desired, an array of cereals or lunch meats will also be available.

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