Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Once In A Lifetime!

We should have known that a small streak of good luck was coming our way. The day before, we were offered free tickets to see the Rockies play the Giants at Coors Field in Denver. Our seats were just to the right of home plate, only 20 rows up from the dugout. We found a microbrew stand, a gourmet hot dog booth, and the pretzel cart almost right behind our section exit. The weather was perfect. I fit into my shorts for the first time in YEARS. And the Rockies were ahead for most of the game, ultimately pulling out the win against the Giants!

But that wasn't even the highlight of the day! During the 5th inning, Rockies at bat, a foul ball comes flying past our heads and bounces off the upper deck wall. The hubby stands up with his hands outstretched. His glasses fall off of his head, and he pulls off the one handed grab so they don't crash to the ground. And with the other free (BARE!) hand, snatches that foul ball right out of the air!! It was one of those rare moments that people always wish would happen to them, but so few actually get the opportunity. Amazing!

And now, that baseball will live in the study as a reminder of such good luck. Cross one off the bucket list.

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