Wednesday, February 19, 2014

...and I Retract That Statement

Well, we just had another major player in our department turn in their two-week notice. Just when I was thinking that the environment at work was going to get better, the rug gets pulled back out from under me. I don't really know how I'm going to handle this one. So far, it has been making me feel exhausted every day. Even though the transition hasn't fully happened yet, I just feel the weight of the workload that is about to come. I think it was the prospect of the madness ending soon that is making it so much harder to take this step backward...

I'm very lucky to have just gained some team members who are stepping up to their tasks quickly. Their training is going really well, and I love that we're turning into a team instead of the crazy one-woman show that I've been running recently. I do hope that they are prepared to gear up even faster though, because I'm going to need to count on them more and more as my workload gets bigger.

Last week, when it looked like I was going to slow down, I laid out a new training schedule for this Spring/Summer season. It is demanding (more demanding than last year), but fits my level of fitness well, I think. The challenge now is going to be sticking to the regimen while work remains so busy. My first duathlon is scheduled for May 10th, so I'm hoping that there will be enough time to get prepared for it. Even if I can just scrap the evening and the weekend work, I might be ok.  But my "trusty" work laptop sits here next to me, just in case that wish can't come true yet. Here's hoping it stays unplugged and develops a layer of dust over the next months...

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