Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Light at the End of This Tunnel

It has been a long nine months for me at work. I've been struggling to keep my head above water, and even started working from home in the evenings after dinner. On top of that, this is the second weekend in a row where I've put in full days of work over the weekends as well. So I'm thrilled to announce that tomorrow will be my first official day off since Superbowl Sunday. (And that had been my first day off in a while, too).

The good news is that the pinhole point of light that I've been visualizing at the end of this long tunnel of work has finally become a great shining beacon. Not only have I been spending the last several weeks training a new person to take over my Production Coordinator role at work, but I've also been given my own personal intern. Skepticism was high for me over the last few weeks, not really knowing what I could expect from these newer teammates, still very young in their careers. But I am so happy to report that both of them are picking up the workload quickly and competently. They learn more every day, and are consistently asking what more they can help me to do.

My desk is finally clean of its various "piles," and the stacks of paperwork surrounding my area are finding their way into binders and file cabinets already. My racks of over-spilling samples are clean and organized for the first time in months, and I'm finding small half hour breaks on my calendar where I can actually get work done!

I can't even express how this changes things for not just my work life but also for our married life. Coming home from work stressed out and BEYOND tired every night can be trying. Having the time to clean our apartment, organize our personal bills and possibly start looking for a potential new home are finally back on my plate. I feel giddy at the prospects of time to do what I want (including write to this blog)!

Tomorrow, I am playing taxi driver for the hubs, dropping him off downtown for a team group ride. If this were last weekend, I would be dropping him off and heading straight back home for three hours of quiet work time. But tomorrow, I plan to spend my three hours at the mall, browsing my favorite stores and drinking a venti coffee. Soon enough, I'll need to start filling my free time back up with my swim/bike/run ritual. But just for one day, I am going to saunter and shop and take the time to do mostly nothing.


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