Monday, April 14, 2014

Let's Try This Again...

In one week from today, we have another new team member joining our company. She has been brought on to take a boat-load of work back from me, which will finally give some relief from when the last person left in February. The last two months have been hard, especially when I found that a lot of little pieces had been missed and forgotten by the person who left. So there was a lot of clean-up work to be done. I think we're back in a good place, but the amount of work is just piling higher and higher again. I will be so happy to remove this big chunk of work from my plate!

My gut is telling me to beware of getting too happy about this transition though. At least not yet... The person they've hired is older, and I'm hoping that means that she will be able to just come right in and pick up the work. I just hope that my gut is being wary about it because I've been thrown to the wolves a few times this last year. I will be so pleasantly surprised if all goes well, and everything just works itself out.

With my Duathlon and my 10K Run in May, I really need to find more time at the gym. So if this crazy over-time can stop in the next couple of weeks, that would just be so ideal...

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