Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Blinds Decision

In the simplest sense, we had three choices for getting blinds into the new house for all of our windows. Choice number one was to add it to the build, and have the same style and color of blinds on every single window throughout the house. Initially, we thought the price to add this service to the house was WAY too high. So we declined the offer, sure that we could bring the price down by going with some more economical options in the rooms used less. Option two was to have a discount blinds company come out and give us a quote that was more tailored to what we wanted: economy blinds in certain rooms, and nicer blinds in others. The third and least desirable option (for me) was to buy all the blinds and put them up ourselves.

Last weekend, we went over to the house to meet up with a representative from a company that was going to give us a quote to fulfill the second option. We had a budget set aside for the project, and we were excited to be at a point where we can be talking about these kinds of details. While we were at the house, we were excited to find cabinets, some of the flooring and most of the light fixtures completed!

Unfortunately, I was so disappointed to find out that option number one and option number two were almost identical quotes! It would have actually been smarter to go with the option from the builder because it would have been higher quality blinds on every single window. I was honestly floored. Covering our windows is a must, but it shouldn't cost us more than our kitchen appliances!!

I am taking a reluctant husband back over to the house today, for round number two of measurements. We are going to move on to our third and final available choice for this endeavor. It is going to be a little time consuming to hang our own blinds, but my initial estimates have us saving HALF of the original two quotes. So it should be very worth it...

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