Sunday, October 5, 2014

First Weekend At The House

Day one turned out to be a fairly frustrating day at the house. Our security system installation took four hours longer than estimated, and our cable installation was an epic fail. Somehow, the order I put in over the phone last week is not what showed up with the technician. On top of that, the promised paint touch up and cleaning work in the house was still not completed, and our contractor had left town for a long weekend. I had brought over all of the tools I needed to seal grout, granite and start the painting processes throughout the house. But without anything cleaned, all of my plans were completely put on hold. Despite the frustration, the finishing touches in the house look great, and we are super excited to get started on our new home.

Today, we decided not to let the stalled work halt our progress, so we started to take a look at hanging blinds, and found that some of the hanging hardware was missing. Dang! So instead, we hung some drapes in our bedroom, and we can now say that we completed project number one at least!  haha

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