Sunday, January 11, 2015

Keep Austin Weird?

We fired up the laptop this morning to live stream the National Cyclocross Championships into our living room. Lots of excitement has been buzzing around these races this year, especially concerning one of the young up-and-comers that the hubby races with every summer. Unfortunately, we found that today's races were all cancelled because the Austin Parks Department decided that their chosen park location was in jeopardy of being damaged. Today was the day when the professional cyclocross racers would have had their chance to go out and win the stars and stripes, an honor to wear for the next calendar year of racing.

For those of you who don't know about cyclocross, it is a muddy event. The racers go out in the snow, ice, rain, mud, dirt and cold weather throughout the winter to participate in these races. It is essentially the whole point... For Austin to have put in a bid to host this race, knowing what it's all about and now cancel the race because of excess mud is ridiculous. And news coming through right now says that they're just moving the race to tomorrow! How many people will actually be able to stay another day (missing another day of work, booking another day of hotel, rental car, paying for another day of food)? This is not really an acceptable solution, but it sounds like Austin is backpedaling after all of the social media uproar. And they should feel certain that they will NEVER host another event like this ever again. No organization will ever want to go back there after this. Good thinking Austin Parks Department - way to screw yourselves for all future events.

After hearing about them canceling their entire New Year's Eve celebration due to cold weather, and now this embarassment, I have a feeling that whomever was just elected to the head of the Austin Parks Department has no idea what Austin is supposed to be all about. Isn't Austin supposed to be that pocket of "weird" Texans? Whenever we lived in Texas, it was such a relief to travel down to Austin from Dallas. It was relief from all of the big hair and fake boobs and road raged republicans who reside all over that state. I guess that's all over now?

Austin, welcome to the state of Texas. You may no longer be any different...

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