Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to 2015!!

We spent our New Year's Eve as we traditionally do... We found a new steak house in the area and headed downtown to have a fantastic steak dinner. We put on some fancier clothes than we're used to, and I actually put some make-up on my face.  haha  It's an occasion that we look forward to every year and it's always been a fun night.

This year we went to the Elway's Steakhouse Downtown Denver. In all honesty, I was skeptical because we seem to have had a hard time finding a fantastic steak in Colorado so far. But I was so pleasantly surprised last night. The steak was perfect and all of the food was off the charts. It is a restaurant that I will be recommending for future nice dinners for sure.

We ate a delicious Crab Cocktail, a small plate of Bison Carpaccio and then of course the Filets. I had mine Oscar "Elway's Style," and it was easily one of the best steaks I've ever had! On the side, we went for the Duck Confit Fried Rice and we could not get enough of that either.

After dinner, we took home our complimentary New Year's hat and noise makers to enjoy the evening inside and away from the crazy drivers. We had a lovely evening back at home waiting for the ball to drop and then went directly to bed.

This morning starts a new year of training and enjoying our new home. We're both sitting here, prepping to get in a work out first thing this morning. But our reward today will at least be some holiday French Toast for lunch. For dinner, I will be cooking up some good luck with a pork roast and some sauerkraut. (It's grown on me). I have a long list of items to keep sanding, painting and finishing for my office as well... "They" always say that how you spend your New Year's Day is how you'll spend your year. So working on the house, cooking up some great food and doing a hard training session at the gym sound just about right.

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