Sunday, April 12, 2015

Early Season Crit Races

The hubs has finished two of the local crit races, one on the Colorado State University campus, and the other on the University of Colorado campus. Being the beginning of the season, there is still a sense of remembering how to race in a pack and how to handle the bike in sticky situations.

Unfortunately, the CSU Crit was another crash finish for him. He was lucky that he didn't crash as hard as some of the other racers, but he had some road rash and a new gash on his elbow.

Today's CU Stazio Crit had much better results. With a couple other teammates out there with him, he was able to show some strength and keep the strongest riders from getting away from the pack! He even started a lead-out for a team member in the second to last lap, which he was super happy to have accomplished. A crit without a crash is a very welcome result for me, and I hope the season keeps going this way from here on out!

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