Monday, December 21, 2015

Bucatini a la Carbonara with Ciabatta Bread

I was pretty nerdy yesterday, and I actually woke up excited to cook dinner. ha   Yesterday was my chance to try Carbonara in our kitchen, with just our four hands and our amateur skills. We also made up some fresh ciabatta dough, and baked it off while we were building our pasta dish.

The bread turned out soft and flavorful in the middle. There was a very crisp crust on the outside, which I think was correct, but maybe a little too crisp for our personal taste. So next time, we might try less flour on top, a little oil on top and less spritzing with water during baking.

The pasta was awesome. Our noodles were slightly too al dente for the hubby's liking and our sauce was slightly too watered down. I believe we added some extra starchy water at the wrong time... So we'll know better next time. But NO SCRAMBLED EGGS!!! I was so excited that we did that right!

On top of that, I've officially started my own stash of bacon fat!  haha   Something that my dad had in the house every once in a while and my wonderfully talented friend swears by, I figured it was my turn to jump on the bandwagon. It kind of makes me feel like a real cook, keeping a weird jar of fat in my fridge.  hahaha

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