Friday, June 24, 2016

Going Back to Cali

Here we go again. We swore we were done moving, and this house would be our forever home: a place where we would grow old together. But life has thrown us another curve ball, and we're going to knock this one out of the park. I think...

I've just taken the position of Apparel Technical Design Manager at Specialized out in Morgan Hill, California. This is a giant step for my career, and I can't wait to get started! The role is heavily based in pattern work and fitting, which are honestly my two reasons for showing up to work every day. I am so excited to be working with the group I've met, as they are passionate and dedicated to making amazing apparel. This could really be the dream job come to life.

With that, we're dealing with all of the  crap of moving again. Calling moving companies, researching apartments, selling the house, and selling as much of our stuff as we can online. It's stressful and crazy, and even though we've been through this so many times, it never gets any easier.

We'll be located near San Jose and Santa Cruz in California, once we move at the end of July. So if you're looking for a beach vacation in the area, be sure to look us up! We might be in a tiny place for a while, but we'd be happy to visit the sea lions at the ocean with you whenever you'd like!!

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