Sunday, December 16, 2018

Hanging Pictures and Fourth Loaf of Sourdough

This weekend's loaf of Sourdough turned out so much better than any of the others. Our only real change was the bake time. We took it down from a 35 minute bake to a 31 minute bake, and ended up with a much softer interior, and a lighter colored crust on the exterior.

The taste, however, is still lacking that Sourdough "funk" that we're really looking for. We bought a loaf of our favorite bakery Sourdough yesterday, and it definitely has a very sour bite that ours hasn't found yet. Still some research to do on that part of it, but the improvement we saw in just four weeks of consistent baking has been encouraging.

We also spent the weekend putting up some pictures and decorations that have so far been left in piles around the house. Little by little, the house is becoming more and more a home.

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