Monday, November 15, 2021

Just a Bit Off-Camber

The hubby's race last weekend was up in Sacramento again, and this course was a fun one! Switchbacks on pavement, dirt, grass and mud made for a technical race and the best part was an off-camber stretch just before a sharp turn. For the most part, the spectators chose to park themselves here, watching their loved ones battle the tree roots and the angle of the earth, trying not to fall off their bikes. 

We watched plenty of people succeed with smiles on their faces, and we saw a few go over their handlebars. Luckily, it was all in good fun and everyone finished the race with their bones and bike frames intact.

While my husband continues to relish in his unflappable love for his bicycle, I have been trying to foster a new love of my own: my company. Today marked my first day of work as a contractor. Granted, I only sat in an hour long meeting to get us started today, but it was a momentous step for Unmarked Street. This first contract is closely followed by a prototyping project starting tomorrow, and there are an additional four more companies I'm talking to about the help they need with their apparel lines. 

Along-side all of the networking I've been doing, there has been a deep dive into the world of Social Media that I'm taking on. I've been immersing myself in webinars and free classes wherever I can find them to help me understand the best ways to use Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to grow my business. It is unbelievably complex, and yet wonderfully simple all at the same time. There is much still to learn and execute against, but the learning is keeping me excited every day.

Next on my list is to build out a brand guide for myself (and hopefully any employees I may hire) to follow as I do postings and marketing. I am extremely lucky to have the best branding and logo advice coming directly from my sister and brother-in-law. They've been amazing with the amount of advice and work they've put into my brand already. I can't wait to put all of their notes into a single place and let it start guiding my image and making my job that much easier each week. More to come soon!

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