Monday, November 1, 2021

Racing in the Mud

For years now, my husband and I have looked forward to watching the Spring Cycling Classics Races and any Cyclocross Race we can find on our various TV apps. Watching these super heroes ride their beautiful bicycles through mud, rain, dirt and anything else the weather will throw at them is awe-inspiring and downright amazing to see.

It was inevitable that those kinds of gross, muddy races would someday be in our own futures. Cheering others on through the worst conditions can only be fully appreciated when you genuinely know what they're putting themselves through. So these last couple of weekends, the hubs has lived up to that promise by getting out in the rain and fog on his bike.

In Sacramento, it poured down rain on us during California's "Atmospheric River" in October, kicking up mud and sand and grass into his gears and all over his kit. Then, in Santa Cruz two weeks later, we saw the fog come out for a Halloween race like nothing else. The crowd and the atmosphere were perfect for the occasion.

There is another race coming up this weekend, and we're hoping for less mud in Sacramento, and maybe a bit of sunshine. There is more rain in the forecast, so we'll have to see what the racing plan is as we get closer... But it has been so much fun to see a side of this sport that has only ever been on our TV screen before now. Huge kudos to the hubby for having so much fun with it, and always having a smile on his face at the end of these hard days!

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